Sunday, January 30, 2011

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!

It's here! A place for me to give you a glimpse into my life running my little Etsy shop, The Caramel Jar!

A little about me, I'm a 30 my dreams I'm still 25, but shhhh....who's counting right? I spent my 20's in NYC, one of the greatest cities (in my mind) on earth! I ate my way through almost every borough (sorry Bronx) and honed my cooking skills along the way.

I've dabbled in several professions, but spent the bulk of my time in Nonprofit Management roles at various nonprofits in NYC....Good Times...

Spent a couple years at NYU Wagner completing a graduate degree...YAY!

Then embarked with my husband on a little detour outside of city life, landing me in Danville, PA. {yep, What?? You have never heard of it?? (gasp)} LOL...I'm not surprised, I had never heard of it before I landed here either, but it truly is a bit of a jewel! We're glad we found Danville and are forever grateful for our lovely neighbors and extended community that have embraced our little family & The Caramel Jar!

Next post...husband's birthday cupcakes! Delish!

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  1. welcome to the blogosphere! I've been drooling over your caramels ever since I discovered your etsy shop around Christmastime. They look delicious as ever!

  2. Welcome to the word of blogging Nicole!! You'll be addicted! Thanks again for the AWESOME caramels!! Sarah - Events by Sarah Elizabeth