Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Multi-Tasking The Caramel Jar Way!

I have fond memories of holding a phone against one ear, interns at my door waiting for answers or new tasks to carry them from my doorway for a few hours, all while typing away on my computer. 

Ahhh....corporate/nonprofit multi-tasking at its best. I remember those interview questions when they are trying to figure out if you can balance a book on your head, talk on the phone, put out literal or real fires at the same time, all indirectly asking if you juggle 18 different tasks at once! LOL! 
My former life is nonexistent and here I am at The Caramel Jar redefining multi-tasking!

Do I miss it you ask??

Not a chance!!

Why not?? 

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing my daily multi-tasking juggle is going to bring smiles/happiness/delight to many many customer's around the country! It seems small scale in terms of juggling nonprofit board members, vendors for my upcoming events & writing meaningful proposals for million dollar grants that could change the lives of people around the world. 
But are those people really smiling because of me?? 

So what is multi-tasking at The Caramel Jar like??

Much simpler & smells so much better! LOL 

At one point, I had 3 burners working on my stove during the Christmas rush and all 3 of those would be going at once! Each burner would be bubbling away with the latest 
Fleur de Sel or Vanilla caramel flavors! 

The dishwasher is likely humming away, {more like grumbling!} and the computer is ALWAYS on! Seriously! LOL. I'll intermittently stir one pot, then the next and the next {prevents burning - yucko!}, 
while checking on convos and new orders coming in.

The pots of caramel have all been staggered to finish exactly at a certain time...the butter is melting, the caramels have just reached my {safe zone} so I can stop stirring continuously, and lastly, the first pot of the day is being poured out to cool. This rhythm of my caramel making day continues until all of the caramels are made, dishes are done and emails are answered!

{p.s. the only one standing in my doorway now, is my husband, 
a much better view than former interns - no offense!}

Your forever faithful caramel making girl...

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  1. Love this blog! I once was one of those corporate people. I love being at home creating things for others. Oh, and I love your caramels too!!! :)

  2. So glad you love the blog! It's fun to write! :) p.s. SO glad you love the caramels too! Great to have friends in the "give up corporate life" embraced "Etsy life" :)