Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tax Time!!!!

When I started blogging, I promised a glimpse into my life running "The Caramel Jar" - well, {sheepish grin} here you go! 

Are you a small business owner that has a pile of receipts in a old shopping bag?? Need to rifle through tons of pockets, drawers and cubbies to find all of the relevant receipts?? Well this Caramel Girl has some work to do!!! 

I have never been known for fabulous organization skills in my personal life. Professionally, no problem! Well, this year, we grew so quick, that my personal paper organization skills swelled into my professional life. Instead of using Excel or Quick books, I have a pile of receipts that will make any accountant cringe. Seriously ;)

Tax time has come to haunt me now, so much that this weekend, my friends and I will be embarking on our first Team Caramel Jar beer & receipt collating expedition! Seriously! (3) lovely gals that help with some wrapping during Christmas & wedding seasons will be accompanying me along with my "Banana" bag {Banana Republic shopping bag} to the local micro brewery in Danville. {Side note, if you all have not been to Old Forge, you should stop by and try the micro brews & pretzels - DELISH!} 

If you have a funny tax time story, I'd love to hear it!  Please share in our comments section!

A slightly grumpy {only b/c of taxes} receipt collating caramel making girl.....

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  1. I just entered your contest for caramels and if I don't win I'll buy some with MY tax money!!! lol