Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thursday Trivia! Promote Your Etsy Shop!

So a while back, I was bored on a Thursday, sales were lagging, so I thought, let's do a little Trivia on my Facebook page! I asked a question, everyone could post their answer as a comment to the question and the winner received a free "sampler" of my caramels!

Can I just say this was one of the most amazing things that I have ever come up with for my Etsy shop! Seriously! Nearly 100% of the winners have come back and purchased caramels from me, some of them have purchased in very large quantities. YAY! Who knew!!! 

Now I completely recognize that I have a special little shop that is very different than larger or more expensive items.  But, if you happen to have items like paper products, candles, soap, etc, I would seriously consider a little trivia for promoting your Etsy shop and building your viewership and engaged followers.

Why this worked? {I'd like to think that it's b/c they like my sparkling personality...haha} but perhaps it's because of these reasons:

Try before they buy! - who doesn't love sample Saturdays at the Grocery Store? Stew Leonards, special little grocery store on the E. Coast, you can literally have lunch walking from vendor to vendor in that store! 

A little bit of hype never hurts! - We have about 50-100 consistent viewers that pop in on Thursdays for trivia. Maybe they realize it's a sought after item and who doesn't grab and go when something is HOT. Nothing is "hotter" than yummy delicious caramels that are FREE!

People have had them and love them! - If there was a product that I loved, that I could have a chance at winning every Thursday, sure why not. I'll answer a silly Trivia question about how many pounds of wedding favors I shipped one week or which item I love on a certain treasury! Can't hurt right?? 

Would love to hear other fun promoting ideas that fellow Etsy shop owners have tried, successfully and unsuccessfully! And if you try Trivia Thursday, let me know, how it works for you! 

Your forever faithful caramel making girl...

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