Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Transform Your Shower w/Prunella Soaps!

So I'm kind of a picky and consider myself a very sensitive to smell kind of girl. I'm pretty much allergic to EVERYTHING, or so husband says, which also drives my pick-i-ness. But I have a small addiction, weakness really..., and sometimes embarrassing habit smelling minty soaps {yes, I've embarrassed myself at stores sniffing it...} Any kind of soap will do...minty shower gels, shampoos, and bar soaps alike. Well, you may all know that I recently transformed my day job to full time Etsy seller and figured, if people can find their perfect caramel on Etsy, then I must be able to find my perfect mint soap on Etsy!

I'm happy to announced, first time was the charm! {thank goodness}
Introducing my newest addiction! Prunella Soaps!!

Handmade, Vegan & Organic!!!!!

mmmmmmmmm....I tried their mint/poppyseed {brilliant exfolliant} soap this morning in my hotel {had brought the sample size} prior to attending the AWESOME Etsy Success Symposium! Let me say this, I've never wanted to shower again and again because of a soap! I'm dying to jump right back into the shower b/c it smells SO minty and left my usual winter dreary dry skin soft and silky! 

Great things about my purchase: 
a. I bought the sample sizes! Lots of them! 12 in all! YAY!
b. They came SUPER fast! I swear in less than 4 days I had SOAP! Love fast shipping! 
c. Eco, Eco, Eco!!! Organic soap & Eco/reusable packaging!

Why buy Prunella in the first place...ummm...Check out these adorable photos! So brilliant! 

Take a peek at this gorgeous shop today! 

Your forever faithful & very minty fresh caramel making girl...

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