Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upside to Etsy Success - Meeting Jenny Kim of Overall Baby!

It's been a busy 8 weeks at The Caramel Jar! We kicked off February by going to Etsy Success Symposium in Brooklyn, NY, ran through Valentine's Day, Celebrated our 1,000 sale on Etsy and lastly, I took a much needed caramel girl holiday & relocated. get back to our blogging and sharing lots of great finds, caramel business progress and wedding ideas, I bring you the fabulous Jenny from Overall Baby

I met Jenny at Etsy Success and she definitely was a "fabulous find" if you can refer to people as "finds" {which in this caramel girl's world, we'll run with it!} Her creativity and charming down to earth personality is amazing considering she's running a baby overall enterprise! 

Why she's amazing:

She took her creativity, ideas and hardwork and transformed it into a business that is making headlines! {literally}

She loves caramels! YAY!

She loves promoting others! {double yay!}
And she gives honest and very practical advice. {triple yay!}

Jenny was just one of the fabulous sellers that I met at Etsy Success, truly making the experience all the more wonderful! 

Take a peek at Jenny's "baby" Overall Baby! You can also find Overall Baby in retail stores near you! 

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