Thursday, April 14, 2011

Caramel Wedding Favors!

Weddings Weddings Weddings! If you're seeking a wedding favor to compliment your garden, vintage, rustic, farm, backyard, elegant or eco chic wedding, then take a peek at a sampling of our caramel wedding favors! 

All of our caramel flavors are available for wedding favors! All size weddings are welcome and we can customize ribbon colors, jar sizes, types of caramels etc. Just ask! Our complete wedding listings on Etsy can be found HERE.
Bulk and individually wrapped
Ribbon tied jars {ribbon color of your choice}

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Friday, April 1, 2011

Mila Rose Designs - Reasons to Post Pictures on Facebook & Twitter, Sales!!

Never underestimate the power of photography when marketing & promoting your Etsy shop! As a buyer, I scroll my Facebook newsfeed daily and {stalk} the Etsy front page looking for fun things for myself, family and friends {I took the handmade pledge}! Photos free of borders, watermarks, writing and crisp images always draw me in but in addition, photos are a great way to build a base of followers on your Facebook & Twitter pages.

The fabulous sister duo of Mila Rose Designs is the perfect example of an Etsy shop using their Facebook page to nurture and develop a relationship with their buyers. One way they are leaping over their competition is by creating fabulous photos and sharing them with their followers almost immediately! The stream of 15 + photos each season that they post before listing their products on Etsy always intrigues me to take a peek at their ponies, hair bands, bobbies, necklaces, shoe clips & more! Their photos are fun, crisp, and adora-cute {new word...} all at once!

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