Friday, April 1, 2011

Mila Rose Designs - Reasons to Post Pictures on Facebook & Twitter, Sales!!

Never underestimate the power of photography when marketing & promoting your Etsy shop! As a buyer, I scroll my Facebook newsfeed daily and {stalk} the Etsy front page looking for fun things for myself, family and friends {I took the handmade pledge}! Photos free of borders, watermarks, writing and crisp images always draw me in but in addition, photos are a great way to build a base of followers on your Facebook & Twitter pages.

The fabulous sister duo of Mila Rose Designs is the perfect example of an Etsy shop using their Facebook page to nurture and develop a relationship with their buyers. One way they are leaping over their competition is by creating fabulous photos and sharing them with their followers almost immediately! The stream of 15 + photos each season that they post before listing their products on Etsy always intrigues me to take a peek at their ponies, hair bands, bobbies, necklaces, shoe clips & more! Their photos are fun, crisp, and adora-cute {new word...} all at once!

Speaking from experience, I know that as a buyer, when I see their photos on Facebook, they

1. make me smile {how can you not!!!}
2. always draw me in to click through them
3. prompt me to send them a message or post a comment
4. I usually end up buying something {fall pics = {2} ponies, winter pics = {2} ponies, and spring pics = custom pony}

See a trend??
Now I'm just one customer, but imagine if you had 10 customers like me....great photos can equal sales and can help develop your base of followers!

So, let's learn from Mila Rose Designs. Develop a relationship with your followers through posting photos of your seasonal items {don't be afraid to post pics even before you have added the item(s) in your Etsy shop!} to keep your followers interested in your product and give them something to look forward to! Consider it a sneak peek!

Let's just say, Mila Rose Designs photos are irresistible! It's no wonder this sister-duo team can be found at Henri Bendel, NYC & other boutiques!

For all the Etsy shop owners out there that are marketing on FB & Twitter, give us some photos of what you're working on! You never know, it could lead to many many sales! In the meantime, take a peek at the already famous Mila Rose Designs! Follow them on Facebook and wait for the summer/fall/winter photo teasers! Trust me, they will be irresistible.

Your faithful,
Chief Caramel Making Girl

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