Thursday, August 25, 2011

Greetings! :: Featured Seller :: Yes Teacher Crafts

Maybe it's the impending Hurricane Irene, but I found myself looking up umbrellas on Etsy today. While I came up slightly underhanded for rain umbrellas (though there are plenty of adorable wedding parasols!), I did happen to come across these adorable greeting cards by Etsy seller Yes Teacher Crafts.

Here's the umbrella one that led me to the shop!
All the cards are handcrafted in Texas (where everything is bigger and better!) and some cards are customizable by size and ink color - just ask! Yes Teacher offers a wide variety of the regular birthdays, hellos, I miss yous, and baby cards, but also personal note cards and school-themed cards for that favorite teacher (yes, teacher!) in your life. Take a peek at some of her other offerings!

Cute blank note cards!

HA! So true!
Autumn is just around the corner!
Your Chief Caramel Apprentice Jen

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Glamour and Grins :: Featured Seller :: Morning Glory Cottage

This week's Featured Seller from Etsy charmed the pants off me in 1.2 seconds. As soon as you check out Morning Glory Designs, I'm sure you'll feel the same way. These beautiful pieces are inspired by the romantic Victorian and Renaissance eras.

This is the first item on my Christmas list!
These necklaces are so amazingly detailed and so so so gorgeous. From tiny swallows, bees, and dragon flies to leaves and fleur de lis, there's bound to be something that you love here. There are even little sea turtles and a skull and bones, if that's more your style :)  Morning Glory also offers plenty of stone options, including many birthstones and quite a few others. All necklaces can be readjusted for size, free of charge.

This is the kind of the statement piece I'd want to wear everyday! I just want the whole shop to be available on top of my dresser in the morning :)  Or perhaps maybe just as a little something sapphire blue for that perfect finishing touch to your wedding day?

These details are fantastic!
And these earrings, I love petite cameo in them!

I wish i could keep posting photos of the rest of the jewelry (which includes even more earrings, bracelets, brooches, etc), but I'm just going to recommend you head on over to spend the next half hour swimming in a sea of gems and filigree. And as a bonus - a portion of each sale goes towards funding free jewelry classes for cancer patients. Jewels and good karma? Sign me up!

- Your wistfully dripping in jewels Caramel Apprentice Jen

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Weddings :: Vintage Candy Bar

We work with SO many fabulous brides, but here is one of my all time favorite candy bars!

Photography by (mattnnat)
Quick glimpse of the fabulous bride & groom! Adorable!
- Your Chief Caramel Making Girl

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Recipe :: Triple Berry Jam

Jen, my new oh - so - fabulous Caramel Apprentice mentioned that there was a "national canning day!" Yep, there really is a national canning day. So I did a bit of research and it turns out that Saturday August 13th was National Can it Forward Day! Who knew!?

I admit, I'm a newbie at canning. I've done it a few times before {pickled beets, salsa, jams} but I thought it was only appropriate for me to can some jam this weekend. Especially since Husband LOVES jam!! Take a peek after the jump at a few pics from our canning adventure!

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Flower Power :: Featured Seller :: Sugar Blossom Boutique

True Confession: I may have a bit of an accessory problem. Necklaces, scarves, handbags - you name it, I've got it. My summer craze this year has been headbands. Specifically these adorable ones from the Sugar Blossom Boutique on Etsy.

I want one in every color!

Each headband is handcrafted in Utah. I have one in yellow and I'm seriously considering the turquoise and the chocolate and charcoal and the burnt orange...

It's just as adorable in real life.

And if hearts are more your style over flowers, she's got one for you too! I am loving the pink stitching in this one!

Who doesn't heart a heart headband? Swing by the shop to scoop some up... before I do! :)

Your Chief Caramel Apprentice - Jen

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recipe :: Crock Pot Pulled Pork

There is nothing like a GREAT pulled pork sandwich. For those of us without smokers, we have to use our crock pots instead to slow cook some fabulous pulled pork. Hopefully my pictures will help guide you if you're a newbie. {p.s. we love cooking newbies!}
Saucy pulled pork sandwich!
This is SO easy and your family, friends, colleagues will love you! Essentially create a little recipe that you like by expanding off of this one. Pulled pork is a super forgiving meal. If you like spice, add some hot peppers, if you like more mustard... throw in a bit more. Personally, I'm an onion kind of gal, so you'll see I added some raw onion to our rub. You get the idea!

Full recipe after the jump.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Chief Caramel Apprentice :: Jen

Last Monday, I announced my new Assistant started with us. Jen had a fabulous first week and we have actually come up with a new title for her that is far fancier than "assistant!" Yes, that's right! We have a Chief Caramel Apprentice! YAY!

After all, this fabulous gal has already learned how to make our signature caramels and wrap and package them for weddings! In addition, she's learning the ins and outs of Etsy! Trust me, our business is not complicated per se, but a high level of detail and precision is needed for each and every batch of caramels that is made and shipped out.

Take a peek at the smiling gal that I now call Chief Caramel Apprentice - adorable right! She flies through the door every morning smiling and she is already an invaluable asset to our team.

Have a wonderful week my caramel loving friends!

- Your Chief Caramel Making Girl

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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Diagrams Galore :: Featured Seller :: Girls Can Tell

Hey guys! First post from the new caramel apprentice, Jen!

I absolutely love the Girls Can Tell Etsy shop. These charming hand printed goodies are right up my alley. A former architecture major, Sara breakdowns everyday objects into adorable hand drawn diagrams and then prints them on notebooks, cards, towels and more.

A beer diagrammed bottle opener!

Whether you're a foodie, a gardener, or a photographer, there's a diagram that's sure to please everyone. This kitchen utensils notebook is so cute, I just want to fill it with all of my recipes!

Get in my kitchen, adorable notebook!
Or if you're feeling spontaneous, might I suggest the super surprise mystery diagram towels? Sara will pick two of her own choosing to ship to you - will it be a BBQ and a burger diagram or a brain and a heart?

The suspense is killing me!
These make great gifts, so head on over!

Your fabulous Chief Caramel Apprentice - Jen

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Wednesday :: New Ribbon Colors!

It's wedding season! We're smack in the middle of it with 4 more months to go! Yay!

Here's a little look-see at some of the ribbon colors our brides have selected for their upcoming weddings:

Wine & Light Blue
Dark Brown
Rustic Orange
Your Ribbon Tied Chief Caramel Making Girl

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Recipe :: Perfect Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting!

As you know, I'm typically a caramel girl, but last Friday I switched gears and researched a chocolate cake recipe to bring to a little gathering. I must say, these were a crowd favorite!

First, I checked my cupboards and realized I had {1} 8 inch cake pan and {1} 9 inch. Hmmm, scratch two-tier cake. That's when the little muffin tin in the back caught my eye - cupcakes!

Easy recipe adapted from the amazing Ina Garten after the jump.

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Monday, August 1, 2011

Warm Welcome

You may have noticed that The Caramel Jar has been growing, growing and growing since May, 2010. Instead of working from morning to late night, I decided to add a part-time position at The Caramel Jar. YAY! Now, although the "posted" title in the job position description was "assistant" I think we can come up with a better "title" don't you think? Leave your thoughts below!

In the meantime, I'm delighted to introduce you to Jen!

A few tidbits about Jen:
  • Hails most recently from Philadelphia
  • Completed her undergrad in Washington, DC
  • Has an a witty personality
  • Loves food as much as me
  • Is embracing her time in the country {we live 2.5 hours from Philadelphia and 1.5 hours from Harrisburg}
Jen will be tackling so many things at The Caramel Jar, including the blog!

Give Jen a warm welcome below!

- Very Happy Chief Caramel Making Girl

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