Thursday, August 4, 2011

Diagrams Galore :: Featured Seller :: Girls Can Tell

Hey guys! First post from the new caramel apprentice, Jen!

I absolutely love the Girls Can Tell Etsy shop. These charming hand printed goodies are right up my alley. A former architecture major, Sara breakdowns everyday objects into adorable hand drawn diagrams and then prints them on notebooks, cards, towels and more.

A beer diagrammed bottle opener!

Whether you're a foodie, a gardener, or a photographer, there's a diagram that's sure to please everyone. This kitchen utensils notebook is so cute, I just want to fill it with all of my recipes!

Get in my kitchen, adorable notebook!
Or if you're feeling spontaneous, might I suggest the super surprise mystery diagram towels? Sara will pick two of her own choosing to ship to you - will it be a BBQ and a burger diagram or a brain and a heart?

The suspense is killing me!
These make great gifts, so head on over!

Your fabulous Chief Caramel Apprentice - Jen

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  1. what unique and cool work Girls Can tell!
    Thanks for sharing to check out her shop!
    Aloha and Blessings~
    Nancy @ Soul Role