Thursday, September 8, 2011

Modern Wall Decals :: Featured Seller :: Old Barn Rescue Company

We're renters, and as such, we're in that group of people who wish they could paint their walls but can't.  :( We've been staring at blank "antique white" walls for months now, lamenting our painting misfortune when an idea popped up. Decals! Lots and lots of colored decals! And no, I'm not talking about Fatheads, but cool, sophisticated, modern ones. And as it turns out, Etsy is chock full of vendors selling them!

But what's really great about the decals from Old Barn Rescue Company is that while they sell regular wall decals, they also offer an upgrade to have the decal applied to a piece of reclaimed wood - your own one-of-a-kind piece of art! Great for anyone who can't use decals (textured walls, I'm looking at you!).

Here's some of their decals that I am currently loving:

Love the repetition!

Just a few to create a focal point!

Loving the curves in this one!

Decal in the same color as your wall add depth!

These are just a few of their offerings. There are plenty more (even customizable monogram/name ones!) and many, many options for different colors than what's seen here. Imagining the possibilities!

Your Chief Caramel Apprentice Jen

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  1. The decals are lovely! My favorite is the curvy one.