Monday, September 26, 2011


You may have noticed, The Caramel Jar was recently on hiatus from blogging! Yes, I took my very first week long vacation since opening our Etsy Shop in May 2010! Just a few highlights from our road trip across the U.S. from Danville, PA - Minneapolis, MN.

1. We're still happily married -40 hours in a car to/from MN.

2. The food is SO much better in MN than in Danville, PA. {sorry Danville, I like some spice!}

3. BUT, PA is one of the most scenic states to drive through!

See our trip in pictures below {lots of food} - including our trip to the fabulous MN State Fair.

Wild Rice omelet {a classic} from MN's Keys Cafe {White Bear Lake & Fridley}
Pho - um, Yes Please!
Kramarczyks in Northeast Minneapolis - Cabbage roll, sausage & Kraut.
Traffic in Chicago & the skyline.
Chief Caramel Husband & his donuts.
Paul Bunyon Cook Shanty, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Paul Bunyon!
I LOVE Minneapolis!
Familiar? The sculpture garden!
I love me some sculptures!
And...I tend to not follow directions. ;)
A MN classic!
My niece!
Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis
Windy waves at Lake Calhoun
Me hoping more people will embrace windmills!
State Fair! 179,000 people went this year!
Kiddie rides!
The best, and a classic! Cheese Curds.
Seriously, fried cheese.
Our fair has a bit of everything hailing from Scandinavia.
I tried to be healthy...veggie pizza.
A new addition for 2011.
So we had to try some delicious honey ice cream w/sunflower seeds!
Can you imagine carving this guy? lol
A staple at our fair.
Ok, we are quirky in MN.
We carve our princesses heads in butter.
Do they serve it at Thanksgiving?
We're from the dairy land!
A favorite for my husband and I!
Mini hot off the press donuts. After much convincing, and taste testing, we're crown Tom Thumb as our favorites!

Last but not least, Martha's cookies!

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  1. Looks like you had a blast Nicole! The pictures are FABULOUS~!

    Glad you are back!