Friday, November 4, 2011

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Wondering if your small business is receiving some mentions on blogs and product review websites? Ever curious about your competitions new products? Need some help learning about your product market before you start your Etsy shop? Google Alerts is a great tool!

A friend mentioned this to me when The Caramel Jar started receiving interest about our products and I have to say, this tool is amazing! By setting up just a few key alerts, I am able to know when new products similar to our caramels enter the market, any coverage The Caramel Jar receives, and gives me an inside glimpse on what is happening in the overall candy market that may/may not impact our business. Google does all the search work and then shoots the information over to me via email in a short and sweet condensed format.

It's easy to sign up, free, and allows you (5) search terms. {choose wisely!}

  • Your company name & Etsy
  • Your product {handmade caramels}
  • Your product market {caramels and candy}
  • Sub product market {caramels and Eco-friendly}
This is really easy to both set up and use and gives you a powerful tool that public relations professionals use. :)

Good Luck!
Until next time,

Your Chief Caramel Making Girl

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