Thursday, November 10, 2011

Tools We Love :: Silicone Spoon Spatula :: Sur la table

So some of you might wonder, what tools and small appliances are we using in The Caramel Jar kitchen? In preparation of some serious holiday shopping for your favorite home cook, chef or aspiring candy maker, I'll be divulging some of the tools we use and can't live without! Some might surprise you, others might be more predictable. Happy Shopping!

Let's talk silicone spatulas. I've discovered through trial and error, that this one is the absolute best. I've had them all, but none have stood up to the caramel making challenge like this one! Some features that I love:

1. Easy to care for - dishwasher safe
2. You cannot melt this one - seriously! Leave it on the side of the bubbling pot forever and it will not burn!
3. Bright colors {we prefer green}
4. Flat bottom - great for scraping/stirring the bottoms of pots/pans or scooping
5. Long! It is the longest spatula I could find with a flat bottom at 11.5 inches
6. Does not bend! No weeble - wobbling when you're trying to stir! YAY!
7. It is not attached to a wooden stick that comes apart!!! Seriously, why make {2} part spatulas???

Where to buy: Sur la Table!

Yours truly,

Chief Caramel Making Girl

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