Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tools We Love :: Mason Jars

Silly right - of course we l-o-v-e mason jars! But do you love mason jars as measuring tools?? Especially the "wide mouth" ones?

 Yes, I have some of the fancy OXO Kitchen gadgets including their 4 cup measuring cup. I love it, but let's be honest. Sometimes, those crooks/crevices aren't the easiest thing to scoop out all of the syrup etc for making our caramels. So what do I use instead? A classic Ball Wide Mouth Pint jar. Love them!

What I love:
  • Easy to scoop out liquids
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hard to break {I'm a bit of a clumsy gal}
  • Multi-functional {drinking glass, vase, and vessel to hold canned goods...} lol
  • Inexpensive! Usually a dozen will go for $10-$12 at your local hardware, grocery or kitchen store
Where to buy - Kmart online for $9.99 + shipping.

Until next time,

Your Chief Caramel Making Girl

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  1. You mean, you buy your jars from K-Mart? I thought you have a special red hot line to the Mason Jar factory!

  2. Thanx to sharing this notes.I try it.Mason jar advantage really interasting.