Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recipe :: Hearty Scottish Eggs

Chief Caramel Husband is a huge fan of Scottish eggs. Having tried my first one just recently at Manitou Station in White Bear Lake, MN, I have to admit, I'm hooked too! These yummy pub fare snacks are the same ones that you may have tried at a recent renaissance festival, Scottish Festival or Scottish pub. Recipe and a few photos after the jump!

Proper Scottish Eggs : Great pub fare!

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Monday, September 26, 2011


You may have noticed, The Caramel Jar was recently on hiatus from blogging! Yes, I took my very first week long vacation since opening our Etsy Shop in May 2010! Just a few highlights from our road trip across the U.S. from Danville, PA - Minneapolis, MN.

1. We're still happily married -40 hours in a car to/from MN.

2. The food is SO much better in MN than in Danville, PA. {sorry Danville, I like some spice!}

3. BUT, PA is one of the most scenic states to drive through!

See our trip in pictures below {lots of food} - including our trip to the fabulous MN State Fair.

Wild Rice omelet {a classic} from MN's Keys Cafe {White Bear Lake & Fridley}
Pho - um, Yes Please!
Kramarczyks in Northeast Minneapolis - Cabbage roll, sausage & Kraut.
Traffic in Chicago & the skyline.
Chief Caramel Husband & his donuts.
Paul Bunyon Cook Shanty, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Paul Bunyon!
I LOVE Minneapolis!
Familiar? The sculpture garden!
I love me some sculptures!
And...I tend to not follow directions. ;)
A MN classic!
My niece!
Lake Calhoun, Minneapolis
Windy waves at Lake Calhoun
Me hoping more people will embrace windmills!
State Fair! 179,000 people went this year!
Kiddie rides!
The best, and a classic! Cheese Curds.
Seriously, fried cheese.
Our fair has a bit of everything hailing from Scandinavia.
I tried to be healthy...veggie pizza.
A new addition for 2011.
So we had to try some delicious honey ice cream w/sunflower seeds!
Can you imagine carving this guy? lol
A staple at our fair.
Ok, we are quirky in MN.
We carve our princesses heads in butter.
Do they serve it at Thanksgiving?
We're from the dairy land!
A favorite for my husband and I!
Mini hot off the press donuts. After much convincing, and taste testing, we're crown Tom Thumb as our favorites!

Last but not least, Martha's cookies!

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wedding Wednesday Detour :: Miss Becky's 50th Birthday Party!

Usually our Wednesday post is dedicated to some of our brides! We're detouring briefly to share some pictures we received from a gal who celebrated her 50th birthday with a French themed birthday party! Take a peek at how she individually packaged our large Party Bowl Filler and displayed the individually wrapped caramels on her treat table!

Party Table!
Party Favors
Hand Stamped & Wax Bag French Themed Party Favors
Individually Wrapped Fleur de Sel caramels
Until next time,

Your Chief Caramel Making Girl

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Recipe :: Chocolate Marshmallow Fluff Cookies

I know, I know, we do make quite a few sweets here at The Caramel Jar. Gasp! So I've been promising some friends these family favorite cookies and I thought I'd share this chocolate lovers recipe & a few pictures with you!

Chocolate and chewy marshmallow makes the perfect cookie!
Growing up, my family would have these gooey cookies at Christmas and only Christmas. Sad! I'm a firm believer that Christmas cookies are not just for Christmas! I know, I drive my Mother c-r-a-z-y and some of you might also agree that things aren't as special if you get to enjoy them all the time, but then again....I started a caramel company so I would never have a shortage of mouth watering caramel in my life! Either way, these are simple to make and would be a great recipe to try with kids! Imagine your kids peeking inside the oven as the marshmallows start to rise!

More pictures and full recipe after the jump!

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Look What Fell, Swam and Swished

Some new fun Wedding Favors & Baby or Children's Party Favors!

Caramel Wedding Favor Packages
Planning a Baby Shower? Our Baby Shower Favors are perfect sweet treat for your guests!

Hungry for more caramel Baby Shower Favors?
Have a fabulous week!

Yours truly,

Chief Caramel Making Girl

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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Elephants Come Marching in! :: Baby Shower Favors!

Look what rolled into our shop this week! Baby shower favors! Monogrammed or baby elephants! Each option can be purchased in The Caramel Jar's Etsy Shop!

To buy in larger quantities, contact us at or through Etsy.

Yours truly,

Chief Caramel Making Girl

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