Friday, February 24, 2012

Punchy Pottery :: Etsy Sellers :: Catherine Reece

Catherine Reece's Etsy shop tagline is "whimsical pottery for every day use" and we couldn't agree more! Everything in her shop just calls for spring to show up soon. How adorable are these bird vases? I want this rainbow crew lined up on my windowsill! 

(all photos from the Catherine Reece Etsy shop)

The cute illustrations she creates make even creepy crawly bugs like preying mantises and roaches look downright cuddly. 

I just love peacocks. Catherine's pieces are all hand-drawn and completely dishwasher and microwave safe (bonus!) and arrive in tucked in craft paper and a recycled box (extra bonus!). Go take a peek at her shop and let's hope spring arrives soon!

Your Caramel Apprentice,

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Friday, February 17, 2012

Press :: Dash Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day was quite sweet over here at The Caramel Jar.  The Caramel Husband and Caramel Boyfriend brought the chocolates and flowers galore. And bonus - the editors over at Dash recently featured us as one of their Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas!

Hop on over and check out the rest of their gift ideas (it's never too late to start shopping for next year!!)

Hoping you had a lovely Valentine's Day,
Caramel Apprentice Jen

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Tools We Love :: Blackboard Contact Paper

Happy February, Caramel Lovers! We spent most of January resting our wrapping fingers before diving back into a brand new year of giant vats of delicious buttery caramel. With Valentine's Day around the corner, we're back in action!

This week's Tool We Love was really a life saver over the holiday season. How did we stay so organized with all the orders going out the door? Blackboard contact paper, of course!

We cut out cute shapes and literally covered the walls with rolls of these to keep track of all the important scheduling details and used smaller squares for other labeling around the office. To top it off, we're now reusing it for all of our current to-do lists. It's more eco-friendly than piles of paper lists and we get to use brightly colored chalkboard pens {purple is our fave}! We've seen it used in picture frames for adorable quick reminders around the house, too.  Bonus: the markers we have wipe off super easily with a wet paper towel. Grab some and get back to your grade-school chalk lovin' self :)

{Photos from Amazon}

To buy: your local craft store or Amazon - contact paper and markers.

Your official challenger in the next round of Tic Tac Toe,
Caramel Apprentice Jen

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