Thursday, July 12, 2012

Recipes :: Delightful Hamburger Buns

If you're like me, you're thinking - hmmm beautiful day, empty patio, let's host a BBQ tonight! The perfect buns for your Juicy Lucy, yep - homemade! Read on as I knead my new favorite dough that I discovered from The Kitchn to create these beautiful light and airy hamburger buns! We're confident that your guests will love them! My favorite way to use the extras {if you even have any!}, is bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches the next morning!

Soft and pillowy hamburger buns!
More photos and full recipe after the jump.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Recipes :: Juicy Lucy

Looking to spice up your burgers for your next summer BBQ? Try a Juicy Lucy! These hamburgers have been a family favorite for the past 15 years. Perhaps you've even seen some TV footage on various cooking shows about the famous Minnesota Juicy Lucy's {don't forget, I hail from this town!}. Our legendary Juicy Lucy joints {for those going to MN} would be Matt's Bar and the 5-8 Club.

For those that aren't familiar, the Juicy Lucy is basically a cheeseburger with the cheese on the inside. It melts down, oozes out and keeps the patty moist! My family's favorite version has a few pickled jalepeno slices and cream cheese in the middle - creating the perfect spicy burger!

Full recipe and a few how-to photos after the jump!

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Monday, July 9, 2012

On The Road Again...Silver Springs, MD

You may recall from last summer, my husband and I drove from PA to MN to see family. Yep, we're road trippers. We love it. Trapped in the car together, no where to run. It's like heaven to us! Seriously!

This summer, my husband is on the road with his job - so we had to rent a little sublet in a town outside of DC. Silver Springs, MD to be exact! Lots of time in the car for us, but so many adventures to be had!

Take a peek at our first weekend...

Sunset on the Susquehanna River - near Harrisburg, PA
We rode 40 miles this weekend, with a goal of 100 by the end of August
Husband on the road during our 7am ride. Thank goodness it was shady!
We went to our old favorite Indian Restaurant {Heritage India} on Wisconsin Ave. Still AMAZING!
Until next time,

Your traveling Caramel Girl

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