Friday, September 7, 2012

Facing Fears :: Conquering Goals!

It's hard to believe there are just a few weeks left to savor the longer nights and warmer breezes! With a bit of a lull in our weddings and an extra day off, I took a little time to chip away at a long term personal goal. Conquering my fear of heights. Yep, I'm that girl.

Baxter State Park
I'm the girl that gracefully declines any and all adventure seeking on ropes that hang perilously above water, land, or crevices of rock. I'm the one with two feet firmly on the ground rather than racing away on a rickety roller coaster. Although I've been to the top of the Empire State Building, I always stay as far away from the edge as possible. I *may* have a severe case of butterflies before I even fly up the elevator to the observation deck. More photos after the jump!

To test my courage, my husband and I went hiking in Maine. Let's just say, the trek was perhaps not as graceful as I imagined on the way down, but I did it! Up lots of rock, down lots of rock, on some not so stable edges, {3} false summits and success! No crying {I cry on ski lifts and lets not talk about gondolas}, no whining and surprisingly, no butterflies.

Take a peek at a few of the pictures. I really wasn't sure I was going to make it, so I documented my progress from false summit to false summit.

Wild Blueberries
Made it to the top!
Resting our tired feet at the summit!
I felt on top of the world!
Beautiful scenery in Northern Maine!
This was one of the most treacherous parts... {me looking up after surviving!}
Cold water on our tired feet at the base of the mountain
See you on the mountain top!

Yours truly,

Chief Caramel Girl

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