Friday, October 26, 2012

Vacation and Hurricane Sandy...

We won't talk about my absence from blogging b/c let's be honest I'm busy here! Amidst the crazy fall schedule and exciting press coverage, this Caramel Girl is heading to London.... That is if Hurricane Sandy doesn't give me a big fat rainy detour or delay!

Seriously...of all weeks to come up the coast. lol
Why London? Once upon a time, this Carameltier traveled to Finland to study abroad {circa 1999-I'm old}. Seriously, how many people do you know that studied in Finland! I met some crazy people, including a great British gal named S. We bonded over late night trips to the Grilli {think french fries at 5am after clubbing all night}, pancake parties and banana bread. So with Mom as a perfect travel companion {her first abroad trip} I'm headed across the big pond for an a bit of an adventure together!

Stay tuned as I post more about the food {of course}, traveling abroad with my mama and how Hurricane Sandy gives us a gentle send off...

Until next time,

Your traveling Carameltier

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