Thursday, November 15, 2012

Free Range Turkeys....Thankful

It's a busy week! Actually each week is busy, which I'm oh so grateful for!! I'm finalizing preparations for the kick off of our Holiday season, Thanksgiving with my husband and the arrival of family for Christmas. {YAY!} But amidst all the chaos, I came across this photo and video that I took on an afternoon running errands before Hurricane Sandy. It really made me realize how "thankful" I am for so many things in my life including :: farmers that love what they do! ::

In preparation for Sandy, these free range turkeys at Forks Farm Market in Orangeville, PA were sheltered from the storm. Oh, and they're cute little guys. When I walked up to the barn where they were being housed for the storm, they all waddled over to check me out! Even pecked at my phone...{see still shot!}

Hello to you too!
Take a peek at the video below - they were pretty talkative that day.

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Your prepping for Thanksgiving Caramel Girl

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