Friday, November 16, 2012

London London!

A little mini recap of London in photos...

More photos after the jump!

Reunited with my BFF {we're a bit soggy}
There was hail the first day!
There was scotch at the grocery store {this is new to me!}
I wore colors!
I saw cathedrals and blue skies! {Canterbury Cathedral}
I was on the seaside!
I met Missy {my BFF's horse}
I saw horses steal hay from each other...
I ate yummy foods! {Vegetarian British Breakkie}
Did I mention sunshine {same day as hail..}
I splurged on Laduree!
Eye spy the Eye of London & more sun!
Traditional tea sandwiches
Wall of vintage sewing machines {Notting Hill}
Until my next trip,

Your recovering from jet lagged Chief Caramel Girl

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  1. LOVE the trip...that I just took vicariously thru these pictures! And LOVE LOVE the sewing machines!!!

    Glad you had fun! Great to have you back. :)