Friday, March 8, 2013

Experience is How the Caramel Girl Travels :: Seattle

For those that are following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it's old news that I'm traveling a quite a bit this spring. My husband has a few work obligations, I have some personal travels and business adventures, so I'll be on the road about every 10 days. I thought I'd share what I love about traveling.
Famous, yet quiet!
When I was studying in Finland ages ago, I read a book for a sociology course called the The Tourist Gaze by John Urry. One thing he touched on was how often we let others guide us to 'seeing' things that someone else has indicated are important and "worth our time" to see. Let me mention, I'm not saying that curated historical installments, art exhibits and other monuments documenting events, people, or places are not important. However, {I, the caramel girl} prefer to take matters into my own hands, and experience v. seeing without direction.

Not a person in sight. Surreal.
Why experience v. see? It's really simple for me : the memories :  I remember delicious meals with friends where we laughed until we nearly burst. I remember the people watching, the smells, sights and sounds of the back alleys of Istanbul. I remember skiing and the view from the top of the Canadian Rockies and whimpering when I realized how fast and high the gondola was. And I remember hiking with beer for the weekend loaded on my back to a rustic cabin in the woods outside of Tampere, Finland for a weekend of sauna, music and food. Irreplaceable and interpreted by me, for me.

So toss the guidebook aside next time you're on the road and see what memories you capture that you'll hold near and dear to your heart. Encourage your friends and family to ask, "What did you experience? v. What did you see?"

The photos capture a highlight of our late night adventure searching for food after our very long flight. The Public Market is empty, absolute solace, with only us on the street. Unforgettable.

Until next time,

Your traveling Caramel Girl

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