Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Caramel Girl Grows :: Organic Celery & Scallions

Ha! When I typed the first part of the title...I was actually dreaming of growing a few inches myself. Considering I haven't grown an inch since I was 11... : sigh : Follow along in our new blog series : The Caramel Girl Grows : where I attempt to grow a few veggies...

Celery and Scallions
Before I embark on the true outdoor veggie growing landscape, I tested my green thumb indoors! Perhaps you've seen on Pinterest the "veggies you can grow from scraps" pins? No? Really? You haven't seen it? It's ok, I've got you covered! Take a peek here! More about my attempts after the jump!

After seeing this pin, I had to try it for myself. Honestly, I'm a bit of a skeptic when it comes to some food items and claims on packaging etc. So I lumped this "hey grow from scraps" concept into that "not sure it will work" category. Why? Mostly because why haven't I heard of this before???

Peeps, it's true. You can grow real food, from scraps! You can see from the photos below the clear line where I chopped off the old and where the new sprouted! Holy cats, I'm never buying scallions again! lol.
Celery grown from scraps!
These sit on my window sill in the kitchen. I keep about 1 inch of water in the glasses.
I used to waste so many scallions! Not anymore!
So try this at home! Pop these babies in a glass, mason jar or other container with about an inch of water at the bottom. I found the key was to make sure that they could stand up and wouldn't be floating around too much in the "vessel or glass."

Next step, planting these puppies in some good old dirt. Ok, soil. ;)

What are you planting this year?

Until next time,

Your Green Thumb Caramel Girl

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  1. Learned that you could do this last year and still forget EVERY time I have scallions in my house to do this!! So excited to get planting this year.