Monday, March 18, 2013

The Caramel Girl Tag Along Travels :: New Haven : Guilford

Tag along. I remember wanting to tag along with my big brother, because of course everything he was doing was "way cooler..."
We made a pit-stop for tasty Chorizo Tostada in Newburgh, NY
Well, some things never change. Husband has been doing a fair bit of traveling this spring and I'm tagging along. Trust me, it's "way cooler" to be in New Haven, CT than in Danville, PA! A few highlights of my tag along trip to Connecticut after the jump!
With Husband's travels taking us east, we made a quick pit-stop in Newburgh, NY where we grabbed a Chorizo Tostada {see above - YUM} and then onward to coastal CT.

I took some time to stop in and meet some of my very favorite clients at Elements Design in Branford, CT. This team has been supporting of our business since the beginning and it was great to tour their studio and meet them in person {see photo!}. It's always a dream come true for me to finally hug our clients instead of communicating over emails.

Allyson, Amy and Ben from the Elements Design Team! Photo Credit: Elements Design
After my quick stop in Branford, I headed further north to Guilford, CT, a quaint little coastal town!
It was in Guilford, CT that I grabbed some amazing eats at Fortes Market {Thanks to Lovely Little Details, Jacin & our graphic designer Courtney for the recommendation} and saw small businesses alive and well! Given the economy and challenge of competing with large big box stores, I was delighted to stop into Page Hardware and meet the owner, Stephen. Stephen really truly has my dream job! He meets and greets clients/customers, problem solves and leads his team with a smile that truly made my week!

On our way out of town, and back to PA, we stopped in at a New Haven staple, Modern Apizza. Um, delicious! Nothing like brick oven pizza with a bit of char to please this Caramel Girl!

Until next,

Your tag along Caramel Girl

p.s. Next stop, New York City!

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